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Principal Investigator

2017 2020 Energy Catalyst Rice straw to biogas Heaven
2017 2019 RAEng Link - textile wastewaters Liu
2015 2019 IB Catalyst Biomethanisation Banks
2017 2018 BioBBB Zhang
2017 2018 FishRefine Zhang
2015 2018 BESTF2 Biowamet Banks
2011 2018 FP7 All-Gas: Industrial scale demonstration of sustainable algae cultures for biofuel production Banks
2016 2017 IB Catalyst Fiberight - CLEANFIBER Banks
2013 2017 AmbiGAS: Biogas production from high volume industrial effluents at ambient temperatures Banks
2013 2017 SUPERGEN Bioenergy challenge Banks
2015 2016 Effective H2 mass transfer into digester mixed liquor for biomethanisation Banks
2015 2016 Production and extraction of carboxylic acids from AD Zhang
2010 2015 ECOFUEL Banks
2010 2013 BV Dairies KTP Banks
2010 2013 VALORGAS - Valorisation of food waste to biogas Heaven
2010 2011 Cellruptor pre-treatment of feedstocks to enhance biogas production from anaerobic digestion Banks
2010 2011 System requirements for low-cost energy-efficient algal biomass cultivation for biofuel production Banks
2009 2011 Optimising processes for the stable operation of food waste digestion Banks
2009 2010 Anaerobic degradation of renewable plastics Heaven
2007 2010 Integrated systems for farm diversification into energy production by anaerobic digestion: implications for rural development, land use & environment Banks
2007 2010 Optimising inputs and outputs from anaerobic digestion processes Banks
2009 2009 Industrial Collaboration for Promoting Sustainability Banks
2009 2009 Measuring stability of digestates from AD of source-segregated biodegradable waste and manures Walker
2008 2009 Bioganix Demonstrator Project - Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Banks
2008 2009 Environmental Optimisation of the Production of Bricks and Tiles at Honey Lane, Selborne. Banks
2008 2008 Water Availability and the Production of Biofuels - An Integrated Assessment Banks
2006 2008 Biocycle: research, monitoring and evaluation of the South Shropshire digester Banks
2005 ongoing Lockerley Water Farm - intermittent loading algal pond system Heaven
2005 ongoing Spring ponds - algal biomass systems Heaven
2005 2008 TRIF MBR - Anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for biodegradable waste stabilisation Stuckey
2004 2008 SUE Waste Project 3 - Appropriate scales and technologies for bioprocessing of organic urban wastes, including energy production from anaerobic digestion Banks
2005 2007 TRIF PS - Particle size requirements for effective bioprocessing of biodegradable municipal waste Banks
2004 2007 CROPGEN: Renewable Energy from Crops and Agro-wastes Banks
2004 2006 TRIF Auto - Evaluating the effect of autoclaving on the rate of bioprocessing of waste Stentiford
2001 2002 Comparative evaluation of mesophilic and thermophilic biodigestion for the stabilisation of kitchen waste Banks