ADAT - Anaerobic digestion assessment tool
This software tool is an updated version of the spreadsheet AD modelling tool developed for the FP6 CROPGEN, RCUK AD4RD and FP7 VALORGAs projects. It has now been consolidated into a compiled programme with an improved user interface to allow modelling of the energy balance for AD of both crops and wastes. 

To get a copy of the model, download the zip file to your computer, open it and save the folder 'publish' to the directory of your choice. Then open the publish folder, double click on setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

DOWNLOAD TOOL       (zipped folder with set-up files, 2.5 MB)
To download the manual, which includes a quick start guide, click on the link below


DOWNLOAD MANUAL       (pdf file, 5MB)
The modelling tool was updated with funding from BBSRC's ADNet and support from members of IEA Task 37. For information on the development of model click on the link shown
DOWNLOAD INFO SHEET       (pdf file, 0.2MB)
Feedback and suggestions on the model should be directed to ADNet@soton.ac.uk, with "AD tool" as the subject line
Screenshot from the tool